Busou Shinki: Links

Updated 29 Jan ’08 with Flickr group

For further information on Konami’s Busou Shinki line, check the following sites out.

Official site.
Konami has separate sites for the figures and online components. You may want to check the online instructions for the figures (e.g. Xiphos’ instructions) since they’re more detailed than the terse instructions included in the package. The Diorama Studio screenshots by fans are also worth a look.

Konami America’s official site.
It includes a translated assembly guide.

Konami video promo.
It’s 5 minutes long and covers the different aspects of the line.

Battle Rondo.
There are two preview movies on the official site which showcase Busou Shinki’s game element. (See this article for instructions for getting started with Battle Rondo.)

Diorama Studio.
Diorama Studio lets you play with CG models based on Busou Shinki on your PC and take screenshots of digital dioramas of the CG models in action. The official site has a section for screenshots taken by fans. (See this article for instructions for getting started with Diorama Studio.)

Busou Shinki books
The line has a guide (Busou Shinki Master’s Handbook), a novel (Busou Shinki always together) and a digital comic (Busou Shinki Forget-me-not).

Japanese wikipedia entry.
It has a good overview of the line with links to entries for a few of the designers.

Flickr group pool.
Busou Shinki photos and screencaptures.

Fan imageboard.
There are separate sections for general figure photos, kitbashes, diorama screenshots and illustrations.
Site down.

Asai Masaki’s site.
Also known as “Apsy Masaki”, the MMS figure designer is a veteran figure modeller.

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