Busou Shinki: Software

Updated 11 Nov. ’07 with links to guides

Konami is perhaps best known for its games so it’s unsurprising the company chose to leverage its software expertise to provide its Busou Shinki line with a software component. Both Diorama Studio and Battle Rondo are free but it’s obvious Konami put a lot of thought and effort into them with the expectation of recouping development costs through microtransactions.

Diorama Studio is a remarkable piece of software that essentially lets you play with a virtual action figure on your PC. It even includes with a free CG model, Ninja Shina (which lacks an action figure counterpart), so you can try it out without spending a cent. Once you add access codes found in Busou Shinki packages to Diorama Studio, you get to play with CG counterparts of the figures on your PC.

Battle Rondo, the game aspect of the line, involves equipping and training a CG Shinki and pitting her against another player’s Shinki in battle. Once you add access codes from figures you own, you gain access to CG versions of figures and parts. You may also purchase additional parts and accessories from the online store.

Getting started

Both Diorama Studio and Battle Rondo share a single installer and launcher. This guide lists system requirements for the programs and shows you how to download and install the programs.

Before you can use either program, you first have to create a Konami ID. You should also configure Windows XP to display Japanese text correctly although this isn’t strictly necessary.

Both programs are in Japanese but don’t let that intimidate you as there are user-created guides to help you get up and running with both Diorama Studio and Battle Rondo.

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