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Which came first—the comic or the toy?Which came first—the comic or the toy?
“In rare instances, there’s a comic, then a toy and another comic, and then another toy and comic a decade later!”

The secret history of G.I. JoeThe secret history of G.I. Joe.
“In those days, everyone in the toy business knew that toy soldiers were three-inch-high, immobile, plastic or lead figures, and the initial response to Joe ranged from doubt to scorn to laughter …”

G.I. Joe turns 50G.I. Joe, the world’s first action figure, turns 50.
“Most boys in the ’60s had a father or a relative who was or had been in the military …”

Secret OriginsThe secret origins of the Marvel G.I. Joe comic.
“G.I. JOE quickly became a top tier title and our number one subscription title.”

How did GI Joe become the world’s most successful boys’ toy?How did G.I. Joe become the world’s most successful boys’ toy?
“As long as there are boys or children who have imaginations and who want to see their imaginations come to life, I think there will always be a need for action figures.”