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Toy links

The British JoeG.I. Joe heads for Blighty.
“Palitoy’s sales manager, Hal Belton, brought one back for his grandson, who loved it, and soon Palitoy had negotiated a deal to make a British version.”

The British JoeThe decidedly British Action Man.
“… with Action Man driving Land Rovers and Scorpion Tanks and wearing anything from a Grenadier Guards uniform to a Manchester United strip.”

The British Kung Fu gripThe British Kung Fu grip.
“Bill Pugh (Director of Design, Research and Development, Palitoy) … had difficultly making Action Man hold onto anything placed in his hands whilst setting up displays.”

Atomic PowerFrom Kung Fu to Atomic Power.
“… a prototype of Mike Power’s ‘Bionic’ (later ‘Atomic’) arm.” (See also.)

Palitoy Atomic ManPalitoy Atomic Man.
“Anyone who grew up during this era would note the superhuman enhancements shared more than a passing similarity with … Steve Austin …”