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Protests over Joe began in 1965Joe the mirror.
“Almost from his birth at the dawn of the Vietnam War, G.I. Joe was as much a symbol as a toy.”

... a metric of American cultureJoe at war.
“And as tensions escalated in Vietnam, public opinion turned against all things military in nature …”

Fighting man from head to toeAnti-Joe.
“There were kids whose moms wouldn’t allow them to buy Joes … Their moms didn’t want military things around the house.”

No assignment too difficult, no task too dangerousJoe the adventurer.
“The 1969 Adventures of GI Joe series was shift by Hasbro away from the military themed sets towards a world of adventure. The basic uniforms, especially of the adventurers, still have a paramilitary flavor, but the accessory sets focus much more on civilian action.”

I am the LawJoe the war profiteer.
“In fact, the biggest years for G.I. Joe were during the height of the Vietnam protest, from ’69 to ’73.” (See the Collectible Toys & Values scans.)