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Atomic PowerFrom Kung Fu to Atomic Power.
“… a prototype of Mike Power’s ‘Bionic’ (later ‘Atomic’) arm.” (See also.)

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Palitoy Atomic ManPalitoy Atomic Man.
“Anyone who grew up during this era would note the superhuman enhancements shared more than a passing similarity with … Steve Austin …”

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Takara means treasureOn Takara.
“In 1970 … Takara licensed G.I. Joe from Hasbro, but Japanese kids weren’t amused by a U.S. military hero.”

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New G.I. JoeTakara’s New G.I. Joe.
The Japanese Joe’s head, redesigned by Takara’s doll designers, resembled Licca-chan’s boyfriend, Wataru-kun.

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New G.I. JoeTakara New G.I. Joe timeline.
When Japanese boys clamoured for a foe for Joe, you’ll never guess what Takara came up with in 1971. (See also.)

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Henshin!Seigi no Mikata.
New G.I. Joe transforms into henshin heroes. (Click on the yellow arrows.)

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Henshin!New G.I. Joe transforms into Henshin Cyborg.
Takara SF Land begins.

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Senior Citizen Tunnel RatLarry Hama action figure.
“Larry Hama has been many things: a storyteller, illustrator, rock musician, storyboard artist, actor, and the creative force behind the 1980’s leading action figure line.”

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Larry Hama interviewedLarry Hama interviewed.
“I think I wrote just about every file card for the Joes except for Crystal Ball which was written by Stephen King’s son.”

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Real world inspirations30 G.I. Joes modeled after real people.
“… Sneak Peek’s file card listed the character’s name as ‘Owen S. King’ for famed novelist Stephen King’s son.”

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