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Flint WestwoodBuzz Dixon interviewed.
“… we did a count and found out we had a whopping EIGHTY-SIX characters who appeared in two or more episodes, a number not matched until The Simpsons much later …”

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Een echte Nederlandse HeldSteve Gerber interviewed.
“… the requirements of a TV series and those of a toy line are sometimes very different. … imagine your reaction if one day you tuned in your favorite show, and all the characters you knew and loved were suddenly gone — with no explanation!”

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Dill-eeFlint Dille interviewed.
“… each different medium should add something to the property or franchise that the other mediums don’t bring.” (Part 2. Part 3.)

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Duke diesBuzz Dixon interviewed.
“… toy sales and TV ratings did not coincide with one another. Sometimes the most popular toys had the best shows, but often a popular toy’s show would bomb and an unpopular toy would have a successful show (this was the case with Jem).”

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Palitoy historyBob Brechin on Palitoy history.
“… Star Wars revolutionised toys in many ways: marketing, the way kids play with toys …” and so the 12-inch Action Man became the 3¾-inch Action Force. (YouTube, 1:12:34)

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Action Force historyAction Force history.
“Globally, Action Force is generally perceived as the British cousin of GI Joe, the Real American Hero, which in part is true, but its influences stretch beyond that …”

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Star Wars and Action ForceStar Wars and Action Force.
“… Palitoy used the tooling for the Millennium Falcon radar dish and applied it to the underbelly of the Satellite Defence mini-vehicle for Space Force.”

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The British JoeG.I. Joe heads for Blighty.
“Palitoy’s sales manager, Hal Belton, brought one back for his grandson, who loved it, and soon Palitoy had negotiated a deal to make a British version.”

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The British JoeThe decidedly British Action Man.
“… with Action Man driving Land Rovers and Scorpion Tanks and wearing anything from a Grenadier Guards uniform to a Manchester United strip.”

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The British Kung Fu gripThe British Kung Fu grip.
“Bill Pugh (Director of Design, Research and Development, Palitoy) … had difficultly making Action Man hold onto anything placed in his hands whilst setting up displays.”

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