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Invincible Guardians of World FreedomInvincible Guardians of World Freedom.
“A Shogun Warriors comic ran for sixteen issues, courtesy of artist Herb Trimpe and writer Doug Moench.”

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Nagai Go interviewedNagai Go interviewed.
“Even if they start out by imitating Japanese manga, they are still fundamentally children of their own cultures. … Eventually, they will produce something completely original … After all, Japanese manga was originally greatly influenced by American comics and Disney, so these things go around in cycle.”

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Big Guy and Rusty the Boy RobotBig Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.
(YouTube, 01:12. See also.)

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Senior Citizen Tunnel RatLarry Hama action figure.
“Larry Hama has been many things: a storyteller, illustrator, rock musician, storyboard artist, actor, and the creative force behind the 1980’s leading action figure line.”

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Which came first—the comic or the toy?Which came first—the comic or the toy?
“In rare instances, there’s a comic, then a toy and another comic, and then another toy and comic a decade later!”

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