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Fanmode presents a few hundred toy-related links every month and it’s possible a few may have slipped your attention. Here are ten of our favourites for September ’09.

SIC Akaranger.
Bandai has previously updated a classic sentai robo design for modern times for its famed Soul of Chogokin line but has done relatively little with older sentai heroes so this fantastic SIC-style Killing Monkey custom of Himitsu Sentai Goranger’s Akaranger will have to do.

Madtinker76’s Thor.
Some of the neatest custom figures produced have been the result of fans reinterpreting classic designs and this realistic take on the Asgardian god is a fine example.

Assemble Tachikoma.
Assemble Borg is such a small line that an amazing burst of creativity always results whenever a major set with new parts is released and the release of the Doom Diver set has led to some really cool fanmodes like this clever zakeya creation inspired by the Ghost in the Shell robot. (Click on the photos for a better look.)

Sandtrooper ver. Tente.
It’s entirely understandable that the bulk of construction toy creations come from Lego fans since the company is the dominant player in that market but it’s always great to see what creative fans can do with non-Lego construction toys like Tente. (More.)

Photoshop with Megatron.
Given his busy schedule of constantly running away, Megatron deserves plenty of credit for deigning to educate puny fleshlings.

Red hot iron.
A beautiful shot by Michael Burke of the Hasbro action figure.

Madelman 2050.
Corey D. Stinson runs through the obscure Spanish line.

Spacenite 2.
There are some absolutely gorgeous pieces of ROM art in this tribute to benefit the man who had a hand in several toy-related tie-ins.

Transformers designer Yuki Hisashi interviewed.
It’s utterly fascinating to to read about the design process and Fanmode hopes to more companies will allow their designers to talk about their work.

An Adult Appeal.
Ignoring the strange inclusion of consumers aged 12 to 17 in the adult category, this is an interesting article by a toy industry insider who wonders why the industry, by and large, still maintains that “if adults buy toys for themselves there is something wrong with them.”

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