ROM the Spaceknight

ROM the ad.
“ROM, Lord of the Solstar Order. ROM the Wraithslayer. ROM the Spaceknight.”

ROM the patent. [via]
“An electronic toy doll including electronic circuitry for selectively generating a number of simulation sounds typically associated with a mystic or science fantasy character.”

ROM the action figure.
“Never take ROM apart. Don’t drop or jolt ROM. Take care not to get ROM wet.”

ROM the comic book.
Check out the Bill Sienkiewicz covers!

ROM the fan site.
“Rom had its impacts on the Marvel Universe … During his 75 issues, Rom met nearly all of Marvel’s major heroes.”

ROM the customs.
Custom action figures.

ROM the art.
More: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Spacenight – A tribute to Bill Mantlo.
“This show will serve as a fundraiser and celebration of the stories Bill has given us. All of the artwork and more will be compiled in a tribute comic next year that will be sold as a non-profit benefit book for Bill’s brother/caregiver, Mike Mantlo, to provide funding to enable Bill to enjoy somewhat of a quality of life.”