News roundup

Due to time constraints, Fanmode is regretfully dropping its English-language review roundups published on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The purpose of these roundups was to get readers to better appreciate action figures and other toys, and towards that end we made a concerted effort to highlight reviews of substance. Poor reviews simply describe toys; the best reviews provide insight into what makes a toy good and how a disappointing toy falls short.

Having done the roundups for 1½ years, we believe Fanmode’s readers would by now have a good idea where they can go for quality reviews especially since most came from a small pool of dedicated reviewers committed to producing honest, thorough, thoughtful and interesting reviews.

Fanmode will, however, continue its Japanese review roundups published on Mondays and Thursdays as the language barrier might otherwise prevent readers from checking out new designs from Japan.

In other news, Fanmode will be undergoing some long-overdue changes to its format over the next few weeks. The upcoming format tweaks and experiments may result in display oddities in some browsers, RSS feed glitches or fall of civilisation as we know it, but we hope Fanmode’s readers will bear with us as we work these problems out.

Readers disgruntled by all these changes are advised to contact their nearest Fanmode customer service representative, complete the required paperwork in triplicate, and wait for a full refund.

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