Robot Tamashii checklist

Updated Jul. 7

Debuting in October 2008, Bandai’s Robot Tamashii line (also transliterated as “Robot Damashii”) is the evolution of the company’s Mobile Suit in Action series of action figures. The name means “The Robot Spirits” and Bandai touts the line as a new standard in robot action figures. Marketing hyperbole aside, Robot Tamashii features competent renditions of mecha making them a good choice for fans looking for affordable and playable representations of their favourite designs.

The following checklist of Robot Tamashii figures released thus far (excluding exclusives) includes links to Japanese pictorial reviews with a generous amount of photos.

001 00 Gundam (Oct. ’08)
Reviews: Gamu, Mojya, Natsume.

002 Arios Gundam (Oct. ’08)
Reviews: Gamu, Machu, Natsume.

003 Union Flag Custom II (GN Flag) (Nov. ’08)
Reviews: Gamu, Kuronuko Yamato, Goe.

004 Cherudim Gundam (Nov. ’08)
Reviews: Gamu, Ken Murasame, Damien Sancho.

005 Gawain (Dec. ’08)
Reviews: Mojya, K3, Kanon.

006 Guren Kashou-shiki (Dec. ’08)
Reviews: K3, K2O, Mondo.

SP 0-Raiser (Dec. ’08)
Reviews: Gamu, Ken Murasame, Damien Sancho.

SP 00-Raiser Trans-Am set (Dec. ’08)
Reviews: Ken Murasame, Damien Sancho, Tom.

007 Seravee Gundam (Jan. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu (part 2), Ken Murasame (part 2), Damien Sancho (part 2).

008 Ahead (Jan. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Ken Murasame, SR../Blood Zwei.

009 GN-X III (A-Laws type) (Feb. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Ken Murasame, Damien Sancho.

010 Bushido’s Ahead “Sakigake” (Feb. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Shishioh, Damien Sancho.

011 Turn X (Feb. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Shishioh, Damien Sancho.

012 GN-Archer (Mar. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Damien Sancho, G.S.R..

SP Arios Gundam & GN-Archer set (Mar. ’09)
Reviews: coming soon!

013 Zangetsu (Mar. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Mondo.

014 Akatsuki Jikisan Custom (Mar. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Mondo.

015 Gadessa (Revive type) (Mar. ’09)
Reviews: Shishioh, Gamu, Tom.

016 Garazzo (Bring type) (Mar. ’09)
Reviews: Shishioh, Gamu, Ken Murasame.

017 Ahead Smultron (Apr. ’09)
Reviews: Ken Murasame.

018 GN-X III (ESFF Type) (Apr. ’09)
Reviews: Ken Murasame, Damien Sancho, Tom.

019 Shinkiro (Apr. ’09)
Reviews: Itsuki, Yo, Mojya.

020 Lancelot Albion (Jun. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Mojya.

021 Nirvash type the End (May ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Ramuna.

022 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.) (May ’09)
Reviews: Shishioh, G.S.R., K3.

023 Gadessa (Healing type) (May ’09)
Reviews: Damien Sancho, Tom.

024 Nirvash type Zero spec2 (Jun. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Tom (part 2), Gamu.

025 Garazzo (Healing type) (Jun. ’09)
Reviews: Damien Sancho.

026 Crossbone Gundam X-1 (Jun. ’09)
Reviews: Yuki Bune, Shishioh, Gamu.

027 Crossbone Gundam X-2 Custom (Jul. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Tom, Hima-toy.

028 Masurao (Jul. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Kanon.

029 Tristan (Jul. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Itsuki.

030 Gundam Exia (Aug. ’09)
Reviews: SR../Blood Zwei, Shishioh, Damien Sancho.

031 Akatsuki (Aug. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Mondo.

032 Akatsuki Kashou (Aug. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Mondo.

SP Alvaaron DX The Core of Alvatore (Sep. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Damien Sancho.

034 Devilfish (Sep. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Ramuna.

035 Arbalest (Sep. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Itsuki, Gamu.

036 Savage (sand colour) (Oct. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Nuu, Lem.

037 Savage (grey colour) (Oct. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Nuu, Yo.

038 00 Gundam Seven Swords (Oct. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Nuu, Yo.

039 Turn A Gundam (Oct. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Shishioh, SR../Blood Zwei.

039 SP Turn A Gundam (Nano Skin Finish ver.) (Jul. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Gamu.

040 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) (Nov. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, SR../Blood Zwei, Ken Murasame.

041 S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements (Nov. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, K3, Mojya.

042 VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie (Saotome Alto version) (Nov. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Gamu, Nuu.

043 Queadluun Rare (Klan Klang custom) (Nov. ’09)
Reviews: Gamu, Yo, Ken Murasame.

044 Ryujinmaru (Dec. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, K3, Mojya.

045 Arche Gundam (Dec. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Ken Murasame.

046 VF-25G Super Messiah Valkyrie (Mikhail Blanc version) (Dec. ’09)
Reviews: Yo, Gamu.

047 Shen Hu (Dec. ’09)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Mondo.

048 Susanowo (Jan. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Damien Sancho.

049 Gernsback (Mao version) (Jan. ’10)
Reviews: SR../Bloodzwei, Lem, Gamu.

050 Gernsback (Kurz version) (Jan. ’10)
Reviews: Yo, Lem, Gamu.

051 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) (Feb. ’10)
Reviews: Gamu.

052 EVA-02 (Feb. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Gamu.

053 Bonta-kun (Feb. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Lem, Gamu.

054 Geara Zulu (Mar. ’10)
Reviews: Gamu, Damien Sancho, Ken Murasame.

055 Stark Jegan (Mar. ’10)
Reviews: Damien Sancho, Gamu.

056 V2 Assault Buster Gundam (Mar. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Akizakura.

057 Falke (Mar. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Ramuna, Lem.

058 EVA-01 Test Type (Apr. ’10)
Reviews: Gamu, Nuu, Yo.

059 Gundam F91 (Apr. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Ramuna.

060 Spearhead (Ray version) (Apr. ’10)
Reviews: Gamu.

061 Spearhead (Charles version) (May ’10)
Reviews: Gamu.

062 Reborns Gundam/Reborns Cannon (Jun. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Gamu.

063 Lancelot Club (May ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Hima-toy.

064 Crossbone Gundam X-3 (Jun. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Damien Sancho.

065 Cherudim Gundam Saga (Jun. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Akizakura, Damien Sancho.

066 Nirvash type Zero (Jun. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Kaz.

067 Den’an Gei (Jul. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, K3.

068 Kapool (Jul. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Lem.

069 Bonta-kun (combat type) (Jul. ’10)
Reviews: Lem, Nuu.

070 Zegapain Altair (Jul. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Ramuna, Yo.

071 Vincent Early Production Type (Aug. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo.

072 Strike Freedom Gundam (Aug. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Yo, Shishioh.

073 Den’an Zon (Aug. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, K3, Damien Sancho.

074 Arios Gundam Ascalon (Sep. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Gamu.

075 GM Sniper II (Sep. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Gamu.

076 00 Qan[T] (Oct. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Shishioh.

077 EVA-02 The Beast (Oct. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Hima-toy.

078 RX-78-2 Gundam (Nov. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Tagoal, K3 (part 2).

079 Sinanju (Nov. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu.

080 Zegapain Garuda (Nov. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, K3, Yo.

081 Fafner Mark Elf (Dec. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Ramuna, Lem.

082 Zegapain Hraesvelg (Dec. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu, Ramuna, K3.

083 Geara Zulu (Angelo Sauper custom) (Dec. ’10)
Reviews: Nuu.

084 L-Gaim Mark-II (Jan. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Koshihara Hitoshi.

085 Destiny Gundam (Jan. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, Gamu.

086 L-Gaim (Feb. ’11)
Reviews: Gamu, Herofigure, Hige.

087 Victory Gundam (Feb. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Lem.

088 Tauburn (Mar. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Shishioh, K3.

089 Victory Two Gundam (Mar. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu.

090 Brave (Commander Test Type) (Apr. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, K3.

091 Laevatein (Apr. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Lem, Herofigure.

092 Gundam Avalanche Exia (May. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Gamu, Tom.

093 Zandacross (May. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Lem, Gamu.

094 Copy Robot No. 1 (May. ’11)
Reviews: Lem.

095 Wing Gundam Zero (Endless Waltz version) (Jun. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, K3.

096 Codarl (Jun. ’11)
Reviews: Nuu, Lem.