Fanmode faves

Fanmode presents a few hundred toy-related links every month and it’s possible a few may have slipped your attention. Here are ten of our favourites for September and October ’08.

With great power, comes great responsibility.
It may not be the most appropriate quote to use for this CollectableKid custom but the man collects Spider-Man comics.

The Transformers Movie Megatron figure seems like such an obvious candidate for this G1-inspired repaint when the finished work is seen but this took significant out-of-the-box thinking.

Red Guardian.
A phenomenal custom by lcl200305 of an obscure Marvel character.

Fighting Tommy.
This Fant0mas custom looks like it stepped out of the pages of 2000 A.D.

A Transformers-inspired Zoids Blox fanmode by Misodrill.

The Man in the Steel Mask.
“Saturday night veteran actor and Academy Award winner Sir Sean Connery was arrested without struggle outside his home in the Bahamas.” (Alex Trebek is reportedly elated.)

Squadron Supreme.
These neat customs of the Marvel heroes were based appropriately enough on Justice League Unlimited figures.

My Little Scissorhands.
A custom of an uncommonly gentle pony.

Anatomy of a Lego minifig.
Creative work by Jason Freeny.

Hot Toys’ Yulli interviewed.
It’s great to see Hot Toys’ talented sculptors are getting the recognition they deserve.