Toy review roundup

Updatedude reviews the Bandai Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Den-O Plat Form and Momotaros Imagin set. Excerpt: “Personally, I would rate this as the definitive version of Momotaros.” (See also.)

Michael Crawford reviews the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Heroes of the Rebellion Luke Skywalker Moisture Farmer: Tatooine Sideshow exclusive 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “Most collectors will want to add it to the shelf because it is such a key look, but it’s not a likely candidate to be in anyone’s top 5 favorites.”

Blitzwing reviews the Hasbro Transformers Animated Deluxe class Jazz figure. Excerpt: “It might take you a bit to get over the alt mode, but Jazz is a hip add to the collection.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Attack on Cobra Island Night Specter (with Grand Slam) Target exclusive set. Excerpt: “The figure is just a repaint, but it’s still a new character unavailable anywhere else, and the vehicle is good.” (See also.)

yo go re reviews the Kridana Epic Ramayana Series Hanuman figure. Excerpt: “He’s not quite as impressive as his lord Rama, but I’m sure Hanuman would want it that way.” (See also.)

Artemis reviews the Hasbro Iron Man Iron Man 02 and Iron Man Mark 03 figures. Excerpt: “When you’re merchandising a movie called Iron Man, your action figures of Iron Man had better be passable. Here, Hasbro delivers …” (See also.)

5150 Lego reviews the Lego Creator 4997 Transport Ferry set. Excerpt: “It has great playability while still having enough detail to make a nice display model.”

Retro reviews

Mike reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe Valor vs Venom Chief Torpedo figure from the Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive V.A.M.P set. Excerpt: “The figure has a few drawbacks. The most glaring is the mullet …” (See also.)

Leonardo Flores reviews the Bandai Spiral Zone Super Real Action Type 1 (White Man) 1/12-scale figure. Excerpt: “Like all the previous SZ figures the face sculpt is well executed and reminds me of a 1970’s football player.”