Toy review roundup

Michael Crawford and Scott Rubin (part 2) review the Kridana Epic Ramayana Series Rama and Hanuman figures.

Poe Ghostal reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Superman (Blue version), Black Manta, Harley Quinn, Firestorm, Aquaman and Gorilla Grodd (Collect and Connect) figures.

Michael Crawford reviews the NECA Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Bellatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter (casual clothing version) and Lucius Malfoy figures.

CJ Stunkard reviews the Hasbro Spider-Man Trilogy Spider-Man (With Wrestling Gear) figure.

Josh Bernard reviews the Yamato The GN-U Galaxy Cyclone Braiger figure. (See also.)

Shogundan reviews the Taito Super Mechanics Queen Emeraldas (Galaxy Express 999 movie version) toy. (See also.)

Engineernerd reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Lt. Torpedo figure. (See also.)

Thomas Wheeler reviews the Fisher-Price Planet Heroes Uranus Yuri figure.

J. Himebaugh reviews the DC Direct Wonder Woman Circe and Agent Diana Prince figures. (See also.)

Lando da Pimp reviews the Lego Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 7624 Jungle Duel set.

Retro toy reviews

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Star Wars A New Hope R1-G4 (Tatooine transaction) figure.

Atom reviews the Bandai Saint Cloth Myth Libra Dohko figure from the Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter Sanctuary OVA.

Chong Kah Fai reviews the Bandai Mobile Suit in Action DX Sazabi figure from the Char’s Counterattack movie.