Toy review roundup

dannad reviews the Medicom Toy project BM! Kamen Rider Kabuto Rider Form 1/6 scale figure. Excerpt: “So…is he worth $150? Not in my opinion. At $100 he is acceptable …”

Allen Hong reviews the Johnny Lightning V-Bot remote controlled transforming vehicle. Excerpt: “Pretty much like a movie animatronic puppet, the V_Bot transformation sequence is smooth and fun to watch.” (See also.)

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Dr. Doom figure. Excerpt: “This is just a figure that, with a bit more work on the manufacturer’s part, could have been a ToY contender, but as it is, is merely a nice new figure.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Transformers Classics Mini-Con Demolition Team three-pack. Excerpt: “Not a lot of the Mini-Con sets have three winners, but this one does.”

Ben Yee reviews the Hasbro Transformers Robot Heroes Movie Series Bumblebee/Barricade two-pack. Excerpt: “This is a great little two pack, with good visual representations of each character.”

Engineernerd reviews the Hasbro Star Wars Animated Debut Boba Fett figure. Excerpt: “I’ve yet to see a Boba where the Wookie Braids look good.” [via]

Jason Devall reviews the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Lords of Sith Asajj Ventress 1/6 scale figure. Excerpt: “She is a great addition to Sideshow’s Star Wars line …”

BikerTrashWolf does a video review of the 2005 Hasbro Transformers Cybertron Ransack figure. Excerpt: “Good-looking figure … not the greatest …” He also shares some fan-modifications.

Rob Braun reviews the Kotobukiya Real Mechanical Collection Jigabachi AV 1/72 scale kit from the Ghost in the Shell series. Excerpt: “The Jigabachi AV is a great example of something different than robot or typical aircraft building.”

Rob Braun reviews the 2006 Kotobukiya Huckebein Mk II 1/100 scale kit from the Super Robot Wars games. Excerpt: “If you have the opportunity to find this kit, let alone at a fair price, it is worth its weight in plastic!”