Toy links

Chuck D. Head.
Mark Patraw’s custom of the character from Decap Attack.

Sigma 6 diorama set.
“… I can easily change this from a Joe ‘office’ to a Cobra ‘office’ by replacing a couple of accessories and turning the crate around.”

Red Skull.
SykotikScarecrow’s Marvel Universe-scaled custom of the villain.

The spectrum of lanterns.
Minimate customs by Shamrock.

The Jackal King.
“All I did for this was set the figure down into the sands of Lake Michigan and snap shot after shot as the waves rolled over and around.”

A poster by Alessandro Von Victor.

What’s cooking at Tokyo Toy Show 2009.
“Although many industries have struggled in the global recession since last year, the domestic toy industry suffered only a 1.2 percent drop in market size in fiscal 2008.”

“By the power of Greybeard, I HAVE THE POWER!”
Hauntingly familiar cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Tin titans.
“A Japanese toy designer took a discarded tin can in 1945 and hammered it into the shape of a U.S. Army jeep. Just inches in length, crudely painted by hand, and powered by nothing more than an elastic band, Matsuzo Kosuge‚Äôs jeep spawned a huge automotive industry–in miniature.” (Previously.)

“An $8 toy isn’t considered expensive at all any more.”
A Time article from 1959.

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