Toy links

Why so envious?
A photocomic by Shaun Wong. (Scroll down.)

“‘The Hammer’, a violent, brutal, Frank-Miller-esque Noir yarn about a two-fisted, hammer-wielding pink rabbit … I managed to put together a Calvin custom to help promote the comic at NYCC.”

Codename: Snow Job. [via]
A sixth-scale G.I. Joe custom by Xander Martin.

Lipson Robotics’ Illy.
“Made from a discarded espresso tin.”

That stupid man suit.
A fine portrait by nosajmunson.

Who will Seibu now?
A digirama by dedbeats.

Clip and save.
A photocomic by Niktom.

Tetsujin 28-go to the rescue.
“Yubari, Hokkaido, the city that effectively went bankrupt in 2007, raised ¥1.3 million Wednesday by selling 32 toys — including a 2.3-meter-high model of a robot — in an Internet auction to help rebuild municipal finances.”