Toy links

Get away from her, you …
Scroll way down to see a Lego MOC inspired by Aliens.

Variable Roader.
Another transforming BJPM creation by misodrill inspired by a vintage Microman vehicle.

Drax the Destroyer.
A fine custom inspired by a Marvel character.

A custom inspired by Hitman series.

Lego business card. [via]
“When LEGO employees get a business card like this, they even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, glasses) to the person.”

Danbo in the spring.
A pretty photo by Stanford.

Cherish your life.
A photo by Liam Manic.

Diamond Select Toys on Flickr.
“… if you have any special requests for photographs of any upcoming or new Minimates, just say the word here!”

Made in China.
“… China will remain the primary source of toy manufacturing for the next 25 years at least.”