Toy links

Yogurt has more Lego Transformer MOCs in his Brickshelf gallery.

Once a man.
A Cobra Commander custom.

Dino Borg.
A ceratopsid-ish Assemble Borg fanmode by Mr. P. (Click on the image for a better look.)

One shall stand, etc.
“Prime and i used to get on well till this morning …”

Iron Man of Steel.
A striking photo by shadowowl of a striking figure.

The mind of Dr. Mindbender.
Evidently, those sessions at the five-cent psychiatric booth did nothing to erase childhood traumas.

Who watches the PEZ?
A custom by tOkKa.

Wren Roberts interviewed.
“… I was famous between six and twelve-year-olds all over the place, but no one else knew who I was.”