Toy links

The Pharaoh’s new clothes.
NMB’s Mugenbine Mugenpharaoh figures get classy new paint jobs that live up to the classy sculpts. (Click on the images for a better look.)

Choo choo.
A Lego MOC by Scott Wardlaw.

Assemble Borg fanmodes by tens816.

I Lego New York.
Best Lego MOC of a plastic bag caught on a branch we’ve seen today.

Action force.
“I wanted to make a heavy action shot with lots of figures. This entire set was set up inside my 16" x 16" light tent. 13 figures & 1 vehicle inside that small space!”

Hard sell.
A photocomic for the times by Niktom.

It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.
A photo by Thorsten Becker.

On sets.
El Dave’s tutorial for creating a backdrop for action figure photography.

Old school.
“Using moulds which reproduce sections to scale of famous buildings, youngsters cast the parts in a special concrete strengthened by copper wire. Here they are finishing a church.” (Be sure to read the comment.)

Hans Beck, Playmobil inventor, dies. [via]
“It was launched in 1974 … some 2.2 billion dolls later, the range is the foundation of the company’s prosperity and is exported to 70 nations.”