Assemble Borg links

Updated Jan. 24 with Flickr group

Kaiyodo‘s Assemble Borg is closely related to the company’s Revoltech line — the two lines have the Revolver joint in common — but it’s clear from the design elements and play pattern Assemble Borg draws inspiration mainly from classic lines like Microman and Henshin Cyborg. Assemble Borg’s main appeal is its interchangeability and in this respect it surpasses those older lines. Indeed, there’s no action figure line as interchangeable as this one in the market right now.

On the downside, the figures are pricey, currently Kaiyodo-exclusive (making them all the more expensive for those outside Japan) and the figures are unlikely to appeal to those who buy toys for their shelf display value. Assemble Borg figures are designed to be played with and most older toy fans simply do not do that.

Those who do, however, will take delight in a line that fosters fanmode creativity. Here are some links for those keen on discovering more about the line.

What is Assemble Borg?
An English translation of the information found in the Assemble Borg booklet. (Part 2. Part 3.)

Official site.
This is worth checking out for its concept art gallery and original recipes (which include printable instructions).

Assemble Borg checklist.
Fanmode’s checklist of figures released thus far includes links to Japanese pictorial reviews.

AB Laboratory.
The official fanmode image board has some inspiring creations.

Flickr group.
Assemble Borg photos by Flickr users.

The designers’ blog. (In Japanese.)

Cross-line compatibility.
Toy fan misodrill investigates Assemble Borg’s interchangeability and compatibility with Revoltech, Fraulein Revoltech and Microman.

Henshin Assemble Borg.
This fan-made video draws comparison between two lines.