Toy links

G.I. Joe versus Transformers Hound.
A fine custom by Dr. Vile.

Ghost Rider (ver. Lego).
Another cool Lego MOC by Johnny Tang.

One-man pod.
An Assemble Borg creation (resembling the RB-79 Ball) from the official blog.

Twi’lek in the dark.
Another fine shot by Tatsuru.

Old is gold.
A beautiful photo of a beautiful toy by Mark.

An embarrassing moment at a toy party.
An amusing photo by Eric Stettmeier.

Light work.
With R2-D2 doing almost everything, the other astromechs struggled to remain relevant.

Proto Scout Troopers.
A digirama by Ronald Bayan.

Bungie breaks in a new employee.
The interview process must be especially brutal over there.

The Kenner Super Powers Collection Firestorm figure.
“… this being the first Firestorm toy made this figure very special to Firestorm fans.”