Toy links

Jimbo ver. Stikfas.
“… my custom of James Garner from ‘the Rockford files’ I made for my brother for Christmas. He absolutely flipped when he opened it up …”

Iron Man ’44.
“… I envisioned an exoskeleton that would basically have the vibe of a walking Sherman Tank …”

Yotsuba & Moo.
Damien Sancho wanted something ox-themed for the year so he created this custom inspired by Yotsuba & Opposites.

Transformers Universe Ramhorn.
pisuwo’s repaint of the Transformers Galaxy Force Saidos figure.

Just who the hell do you think I am?!
An Assemble Borg creation by Vintage.

“Making new friends …”
A creative and amusing photo by ANVRecife.

Happy Moo Year.
Lego MOCs for the Year of the Ox.

Extra Powers. [via]
“In 1989 I had customized the few first Extra Powers (EP) figures … About half the people I talked to understood what I was saying that I ‘customized’ or ‘made’ the figures.”

Bootleg Action Figures.
“This site DOES NOT condone the production or sale of bootleg toys. Bootleg toys are inferior in quality and are not safe for anybody to play with or handle in any way.”