Toy links

Garland ver. Lego.
An excellent Johnny Tang MOC based on the Megazone 23 mecha.

Transgals Metals Rampage.
Misodrill’s latest Transformers-inspired BJPM and Gene Block creation.

Lego Ball.
A cool recreation of the mobile weapon from Gundam. Check out the rest of Hiron’s excellent gallery.

Battle Mecha.
This Lego MOC was made from parts from the Exo-Force River Dragon set. (More.)

The Caped Crusader.
After his parents were slain before his very eyes, one My Little Pony swore to bring justice to Ponyland …

The Prancing Megatron.
A fanmode by Updatedude.

Inaction Man.
“Poor old Action Man has a missing foot, a broken arm, all of his joints are split and his torso is absolutely covered in scratches.”