Toy links

Revoltech Daimos.
A custom figure by Damien Sancho.

An excellent custom of the Marvel mercenary.

Ghost Rider.
More fine work from Jin Saotome.

Pirates gattai.
A good-looking Mugenbine fanmode by RN6RSZ. (Click on the image for a better look.)

Robo ver. Asoblock.
Gun0826 took inspiration from a Gasaraki mecha for this neat fan-creation.

Enter the Ninjabot.
A cool digirama of Transformers Animated Prowl in action.

Gotta have standards.
Experience teaching how to play pretend, ABCs, 123s and how to be a friend isn’t sufficient qualification to get you into Mace Windu’s Attack Battalion.

Boskoes Toys profiled.
“Danielle Palmer and her husband, Benjamin Derr, of Lewisburg, owners of Boskoes Toys, have made hundreds of action figures in the past three years.”

The toy show.
“Those who buy antique and vintage toys as an investment compose the smallest of the categories. Then there are those who buy the toys they used to have as children for the nostalgia of it, and the serious buyers who purchase collectable toys as a hobby.”

Star Wars: The Really Expanded Universe.
“A bleary-eyed C-3PO, a disturbingly angelic Darth Vader, and Daitarn 3, together at last.”