Toy links

Toypedia. [via]
“Toypedia is a dynamic library of basic information about miniature-figure toy lines and toy lines containing miniature figures.”

He takes no guff.
A fine Sgt. Slaughter custom figure by Kyle Robinson.

Musk Ox Warrior.
An impressive 7th Kingdom-style custom figure by he-mike.

Lead the way.
This custom U.S. Army Ranger 1/6 scale figure uses the DiD Dave Merrill/5th Ranger Battalion Normandy 1944 figure’s accessories and the BBi G.3.5 body.

The ghost who walks.
A custom Phantom Lego mini-figure by scalki.

Maid to order.
Kuronuko Yamato’s Microman have availed themselves of the Duel Maid weapons.

International Tokyo Toy Show 2008.
“A total of 134 companies are taking part … Japan’s toy market expanded in fiscal 2007 for the first time in four years after shrinking amid falling birthrates. Analysts attribute the growth to diversified marketing methods such as on-line shopping and the launch of toys that can appeal to adults.”