Toy links

Junkion. [via]
Phenomenal Transformers sculptures made from junk by Robot-Models. Check out the rest of the site for more brilliant creations.

Phone Braver 7.
A very cool Lego MOC by ThomasCat. (More.)

Cobra-a-a-a! [via]
FlyingFigg’s entertaining guide on giving Cobra troopers a uniform appearance.

Indiana Jones and the Death Star of Doom.
I don’t know where you get your delusions, laser brain.

Medieval Iron. [via]
Chris Anderson used a Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Knight figure as a base for this Iron Man custom figure.

Komainu Type Rairin Botan.
An excellent custom Busou Shinki figure by Kiral Batros.

The Dark Knight returns.
A fantastic shot by FLG8R of the Mattel Movie Master figure. (More: 1, 2, 3.)

A realistic-looking Photoshop’d shot of a Matchbox toy.

No peas for the wicked.
Tim Norris put a smile on our faces with this photo.

This big.
We suspect we wouldn’t want to know what Ultraman is measuring.