Toy links

G.I. Joe versus Star Wars.
A Viper learns the hard way.

Cloud ver. Microman.
A cool custom figure of the Final Fantasy VII character by TeknoKyo.

Samurai Stikfas.
Boyette’s latest is his finest yet.

“I made it using body parts from different action figures (Geyperman, Action Man, Max Steel…). The result is this multi-task biobot.”

Ninja battle.
The fact they’re big-shot movie stars now might have gone to their heads.

Military Maid Saber.
Best leave a very generous tip.

Navy SEAL machine gunner.
A 1/6-scale custom figure.

Furry critters: the Stormtroopers’ only weakness. Other than a poor aim. And a predilection for headbutting doors.

Creating a custom helmet for figures.
A tutorial by Vince Callaghan.

Incoming Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner profiled.
“Goldner served as co-executive producer for the live-action (Transformers) movie … regenerating interest in the robot-inspired toys and earning the Pawtucket company …$484 million on sales and licensing fees … ‘That brand will never be the same,’ Goldner said.”