Toy links

The Gallery of Monster Toys.
“The toys in this gallery are not, for the most part, ‘slick’ or ‘hyper-detailed.’ They are humble and imperfect. They depict flawed, tortured creatures. These toys capture a time when horror was fun.”

Dark Knight.
Batman gets medieval thanks to customtoyz.

A powerful drink.
Another amusing Star Wars photocomic by Niktom.

Bionicle Rider.
Neat Lego MOCs. (See also.)

Black Hole Exhibition.
(Part 2.) Kaz’s report on the 12-inch custom figure exhibition is in Japanese but you can enjoy the photos.

“That’s no house, it’s a toy museum”

Showdown of the movie toys.
“More than 2,000 toys … are flooding stores to coincide with summer’s biggest movies … Toymakers are now being invited to movie sets so they can replicate props and costumes exactly.” (Related.)

Medieval play.
“Made mainly from pewter (a tin-lead alloy), these medieval toys are exceptionally rare and have helped transform perceptions of childhood during the Middle Ages.”

“ToyVoyagers are toys travelling around the globe using people to help them on their journey.”

Best and worst toy tie-in comics.