Toy links

Enter the Micro-dragon. [via]
Teknokyo’s Microman Bruce Lee custom is incredible.

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck.
How many ducks is that? A lot.

Lego Elmo MOC. [via]
Speaking of that lovable character …

Toys aimed at adults.
“Some of the product is breathtakingly expensive, or based on R-rated movies or painfully obscure characters — and they’re selling bigtime.”

2008 toys pricier.
“… about 80% of (Mattel)’s total product portfolio now consists of an electronic component. That’s up significantly from just 10% of the mix in 1996.” Speaking of pricey …

The £72,000 Hot Wheels car.
“Created by manufacturer Hot Wheels to mark the company’s 40th anniversary, the car’s tail lights are red rubies while the tyres are set with yet more diamonds.”