Revoltech links

For further reading about Kaiyodo and the Revoltech line, check out the following links.


Official site (Japanese).

Japanese Wikipedia entry.
This has a good summary of Kaiyodo’s growth from plastic model shop to internationally acclaimed company.

Wikipedia entry.
A brief overview of the company

Sculptor bios (Japanese).
Kaiyodo is one of the few companies that credits and promotes its sculptors.


Official site (Japanese).

Revoltech Express (Japanese).
Kaiyodo’s Revoltech blog.

Wikipedia entry.
A good overview of the line with a checklist of released figures.

Japanese Wikipedia entry.
It’s suggested the Revolver joint was named after the handgun and considering Nightow Yasuhiro’s apparent gun fetish in Trigun and Gungrave, it seems likely. The Revoltech packaging colour also denotes the figure type: blue is for real robots, red for super robots, green for humanoids, and orange used when the main line was unified and rebranded as the Yamaguchi Series.

Fan wiki (Japanese).
The FAQ section is notable.

CollectionDX reviews.
Reviews of most of the figures.