Toy links

Microman + Pokemon = Pakemon.
onboiraga was wondering if this might have been the result of the Tomy and Takara merger.

Zombie Hulk custom.
N TT used the Marvel Legends Hulk for this Marvel Zombies-inspired custom. (More customs by N TT.)

Big Mac Robo.
As one poster suggested, perhaps it’s more suitable as Big Mac’s Headmaster partner.

The samurai and his lady. [via]
A Lego scene by Dennis Coh. (More creations by Dennis Coh .)

JFOR RX-79(G) Gundam.
It’s so well camouflaged those cows will never know what hit them.

Knight Rider robo. [via]
From Player X’s Knight Rider: Turbo Boost animated series of animated shorts for handphones.