Toy links

Toy and Action Figure Museum.
The museum is located in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, and has seen 30,000 visitors in two years. (See also.)

Transformers Perceptor upgrade.
This G1 figure has been been given improved posability and a new face to keep up with the times. Wheel_jack has provided a how-to so you can upgrade your own.

Dragon knight.
An extraordinary Busou Shinki creation.

Saidaioh ver. Mugenbine.
A creative Mugenbine fanmode by Pon inspired by the Gekiranger Saidaioh mecha.

What’s in a name?
Do you know your Star Wars trivia?

Masked Riders.
A classy photo by beckzaidan of the Bandai Movie Realization Kamen Rider the First 1 and 2 figures.