Toy links

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus powered up. [via]
Marc De Repentigny’s custom kit transforms a Masterpiece Optimus Prime or Ultra Magnus figure into a fully armoured Masterpiece G1 Ultra Magnus. The armour parts also transform into a car carrier trailer. The Buy It Now price was a mere 540 dollars. (More.)

Legostyle. [via]
Izzo has created some incredible Lego mecha and dragons. Visit his his Brickshelf gallery.

Death Note.
Hock’s classy digirama featuring the Medicom Yagami Light and Amane Misa figures.

Death Note, too.
Stanley has some nice photos of the Medicom figures of Yagami Light and L.

Buster Tank.
A kitbash by Nathaniel S. Barrera. Be sure to check out his heavily armed Strike and the Zaku diorama as well.

Faiz moves.
Rally customised a 1/6 scale vinyl Kamen Rider Faiz figure to make it posable.

Takara Tomy Heli-Q. [via]
It’s claimed to be the world’s smallest remote controlled toy helicopter.

Upcoming Yattaman merchandise.
Takara Tomy is expecting USD100 million in sales from the Yattaman franchise.