Andrew Lipson’s Lego page.
Check out the mathematical Lego sculptures and the Lego renditions of M.C. Escher’s work. (Favourite.)

Onell Design’s creator modes. [via]
Onell Design‘s Matt Doughty has come up with some very cool combinations by taking advantage of the interchangeability of his creations.

Fraulein Revoltech creator modes. [via]
The Revoltech official blog has some fun with the interchangeability of the upcoming Fraulein Revoltech series Ayanami Rei figure.

Ban Yinh Jheow interviewed. [via]
“Stikfas was not an easy birth. Although the idea and designs were ready, manufacturers were not interested in producing small quantities of unheard of toys, much less a toy whose image is precisely to have no personality whatsoever.”

Tim Shinn’s Powerglide kitbash.
“It’s a kitbash of a Revell 1:72 scale A-10 Warthog model kit. I also used bits from Bionicle and Stikfas (arms & feet), Games Workshop (details), Marvel Megamorphs (Wolverine hands), some laser etched metal detailing pieces, and a cheapo robot from Walmart (gun). The rest is plasticard (lower legs & faceplate).”